"...the best part of you is something that can not be a part of your selection of services. You have something that you can not improve by cheering up or acting. You have something that has grown inside of you during you whole life. It is a certain type of charisma. THAT is that, what your clients want to have in the end, whether they realise that or not. A man can satisfy his needs in various places. The part that is meaningful is somewhere deep inside and is not visible to eyes." 

I love men! All the men that I have met have been inspirational and interesting to me and I really enjoy spending time with men and having the possibility to connect. I am truly blessed to have had the chance to meet many amazing personalities - who are all unique in their own way. You are welcome to come to meet me just the way you are.


I do my best to make sure that you get only the best service. I plan some parts of our date well beforehand and will ask some questions from you. I am happy to hear about your wishes and preferences. Of course, not everything can, and should not, be planned beforehand. (I improvise very well and enjoy it.) My main goal is that we both enjoy and are relaxed.

I am an independent provider based in Helsinki, Finland, however I travel frequently and you may find me in your home city (check out my tour schedule). I have travelled in Japan, Hong Kong, China, the United States of America, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Singapore, Australia and New-Zealand.

I entered the business in 2017. I was about to enter the business already in 2013, when I was offered a chance to be one of the twelve girls in one of Germany's best high-end escort agencies. However, at that time I refused to accept the offer because I thought I was too young and inexperienced. After entering the business, I have gained great success, of which I am very proud of.

I feel that I am at my strongest in passionate and sensual GFE, but I also enjoy doing different things. I have spent a lot of time learning new things and explored and pushed my own limits. Feel free to ask me anything (before the meeting, not in the meeting) and I will try to fulfill your wishes.

Please note that I follow basic escort etiquette rules and do not reply to any messages or meet any men who I don't trust. Please introduce yourself properly and follow my screening procedures if any additional screening is required. Discretion is guaranteed with me -  my own and my clients` comfort and security are my first priority. 

"Eve tests uninhibitedly her boundaries and is full of sinful voraciousness and sexual energy."

Age: mid 20´s

Height: 160cm

Weight: 50 kg

Hair: Blonde with a Bob-style haircut

Eyes: Blue

Personality: Bubbly

I highly recommend that you also take a look at my Instagram or Twitter account (eveedenlovesmen) to find out more about my personality and life. Just click the button for Instagram below and it will lead you directly to my account. 

My P411 handle is P250007