I think that the best way for you to get an understanding of me is through testimonials. 

"Very big thank you Eve, you are a perfect lovely woman! "

"When you just let go and relax, the outside world and sense of time disappear somewhere to a hazy horizon and kissing and chatting with Eve could go on forever. You just literally get caught from your mouth and time limits are hard to keep in mind."

"Eve has a golden heart and a smart mind in a lovely small body. Please, take good care of this gift to the men of Finland."

"She is an ideal combination of beauty, athletic body and willingness to serve customer."

"I visited this lovely woman and my thoughts are still wandering back to the moments I spent with her. I was so enchanted by her that I got lost in my way back to the tram stop, even though I have practised a lot of orienteering in my life." 

"To make it short, some time ago I had the best sex with Eve that I have ever had. I strongly recommend Eve for strong sensual experiences. Sex will always be compared with the time spent with Eve from now on. You are a unique woman, who loves humanity and life and you surely left a mark on me."

"How can I write about visiting a paradise without sounding too corny? I still have a feeling that I visited a paradise. During one hour I was in a flow in which I lost my sense of time and passion replaced rationality. Seldom, if maybe ever, have I experienced that kind of flow and throwing one selves to the moment from both partners. The positions and everything that belongs to a perfect GFE, happened by itself and the flow took over."

"There are escorts and then there is Eve Eden."

"Eve is a perfect mixture of beauty, intelligence and personality that you have to experience yourself. "

"I have to say that the photos will not be able to communicate well enough what a lovely woman you will meet. She is petite and unbelievably beautiful."

"Light and beautiful eye make-up emphasized the natural beauty that this woman radiates. "

"Eve is an athletic and small "pocket rocket" and a smiling happy woman with whom you can discuss about any subject. "

"This courtesan has a divine beautiful body and a sensual and sexy presence that mix with a funny and easy going personality, all which makes it possible to think one could fall for in real life too."

"She is just incredibly sexy, lovely and present. It is very natural to spend time with Eve. This woman is a combination of outer and inner beauty, which guarantees that one can just let go and enjoy all different kinds of things... Time just flies in her company."

"Eve took care of the situation from the very beginning and I got the feeling that we had known each other for a long time already."

"Eden is a place where you just want to go over and over again. A true five star and all inclusive trip to spirituality and physicality."

"Almost one day has elapsed since I met Eve and now slowly my pulse is beginning to slow down. She is a passionate woman, who has a very well trained body. The dream of a man who likes sporty women with even a gram of extra fat and her face is very attractive too. WOW!!"

"Others say that GFE gas worked out well, which I can totally agree with. But we moved rather rapidly towards PSE, which made things even greater."

"Eve is funny, very intelligent, determined and has a totally great attitude."

"Eve is an absolute beauty! She is nice, tender and passionate. Very hard working and devoted. Excellent personalty."

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